We are not a traditional Web Agency


We are a team of professionals who deal EXCLUSIVELY with


on Facebook, Instagram, Google e Linkedin

 Our only goal is to GROW your SALES

You can entrust your campaigns to the same professionals who are managing and optimizing thousands of euros of budget in the online advertising campaigns of the most famous Italian trainers, and some of the largest Italian companies.

With Performance PPC you are always aware of where every single penny of your budget is invested, and you are constantly in control of everything we are doing for you.

For several of our customers we have reduced the Cost per Contact by up to a third, and generated Returns on Investment of 2700%.

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Potrai affidare le tue campagne agli stessi professionisti che stanno gestendo ed ottimizzando migliaia di euro di budget nelle campagne di advertising online dei più noti formatori italiani, e di alcune delle più grandi aziende italiane.

Con Performance PPC sei sempre a conoscenza di dove viene investito ogni singolo centesimo del tuo budget, ed hai constantemente sotto controllo tutto quello che stiamo facendo per te.

Per diversi dei nostri clienti abbiamo ridotto il Costo per Contatto fino ad un terzo, e generato Ritorni sull’Investimento ROI del 2700%.

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Monthly advertising budget managed in €

If the results you are looking for are:

  • Increase in turnover on your E-Commerce

  • Constantly MONITORED campaigns

  • Increase the number of customers

  • Implement a “Lead Generation” that works

You are one step away from the solution!


Click on the button below and fill out the questionnaire, we will evaluate together if yours can be the next company that we will help getting more customers and more sales thanks to online advertising

7 reasons and 5 CONCRETE examples that, without mince words, explain 2 simple things to you …

Because we are not like 99% of other Web Agencies

Why you should choose us for your online advertising

5 concrete examples of diversity

Click on each problem to see the different approach to the solution between Performance PPC and a traditional Web Agency

  How do we calculate the ROI of your campaigns?   

Traditional Web Agency approach

Awareness and click. 357,000 people saw your ad and 12,139 clicked on it.

Performance PPC approach

Number of contacts received, sales made, receipts.

Landing pages have poor conversion rates. We will need to install software for monitoring user sessions.

Traditional Web Agency approach

This is not included in our agreement. We estimate 5 hours of work for installing the software.

Performance PPC approach

Our agreement provides for the achievement of results. Any activity aimed at achieving results is included in the agreement, so we immediately proceed with the installation of the software at no additional cost.

We need to install an additional WordPress plugin.

Traditional Web Agency approach

Send a support request so within the next week we can check your request and schedule an intervention, within the next month it should be installed.

Performance PPC approach

Write in Trello (tool we manage projects with) directly to the Project Manager, he will be immediately informed. The plugin will be implemented within 2 business days.

How much does your service cost?

Traditional Web Agency approach

15% of the invested Budget. And if you don’t get results, it’s not our fault, we brought you awareness. 

Performance PPC approach

We evaluate the rate based on what is the economic value we can bring you.

We have doubts about the usability of our site, it doesn't seem to convert as it should.

Traditional Web Agency approach

The site is complete and seems to work, after all it was built following your instructions. A more in-depth analysis requires planning and quotation.

Performance PPC approach

We did a brief check and we have suggestions for improving both from the SEO point of view and the user interface, if you want, we can communicate these suggestions directly to the agency that follows the site.

7 reasons to work together

  • Get the most out of your advertising budget without falling into the trap of the classic generalist agency but by relying on Pay Per Click specialists.

  • Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other innovative pay per click campaigns, managing, optimizing and moving the budget based on the results.

  • Not just awareness but performance-oriented campaigns: Lead generation and sales.

  • Ottimizzazione campagne continua, monitoraggio costante, sempre attivi e vigili per risolvere problemi. Report dinamici consultabili in qualsiasi momento.
  • A team dedicated to the project, a project manager and a PPC specialist dedicated to your project.

  • Background: we have worked for agencies, as freelancers and in the management of international companies’ important projects. We know how to relate to any type of business.

  • We are not a web agency; we are what web agencies call when they no longer know which way to go.


We take our work extremely seriously and first check if your company is eligible to use our service.

We guarantee you our constant commitment to find innovative solutions for your business and achieve the desired results.

Regardless of time, place, what matters to us are only the real results in terms of your business profit. 

You got it right

If the online advertising strategy does not work for any reason, we will work to redefine the strategy and redo the campaigns until we get the results we aim for.

As you can see, the guarantee we give is very strong, and therefore, we carefully choose the companies to collaborate with.

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