OUR APPROACH is strictly pragmatic and BASED ONLY ON RESULTS, the success of our campaigns follows ONLY ONE METRIC: ROI (Return on investment)

What is the PPC PERFORMANCE method to ensure successful campaigns?


Una strategia basata appunto sulla “Sinergia” tra più strumenti e Piattaforme di Marketing Online, proprio per amplificare i risultati in termini di ritorno sull’investimento.

It all starts with the consideration of your customer journey

Customer what?! The customer journey is simply the path that leads your customer to decide to buy your product or service.

You can think of your customer’s purchasing process as a journey along which there are several stops, each of which represents a touch point, that is a moment in which YOU can speak directly with your customers to convince them to buy your product.

Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, offline interactions, email etc. etc. these are “only” individual points of contact that your customer encounters along “his way” to purchase.

Single points that if not included in a strategy, may lead to results in the short term, but hardly allow you to achieve great goals in the long term.

The secret to a long-lasting success is the SYNERGY between several elements that, if included in a strategy, exponentially increase the performance and economic benefits deriving from doing “Pay Per Click Advertisement”

Our approach, born from the considerations here above, includes the management of the entire process that leads a person – through online advertising campaigns – first to know your Brand, then to interact with it, and finally to buy from it. 

We believe that it makes no sense to focus on a single channel (for example Facebook) but that it is more effective to consider the entire online experience of a user, exploiting the synergy between the various online advertising platforms and integrating them not only with each other’s but also with all the other elements present in the customer journey. 

This is what differentiates and characterizes the PerformancePPC approach

What are the concrete advantages we offer you?



Project seen as an Ecosystem

Users don’t just browse Facebook, or just Google or just LinkedIn. 

Internet is an ecosystem, the best way to achieve goals through the use of online marketing is therefore to make the most of every single Touch-Point, in all acquisition channels. Even off-line.

Depth of Analysis

Relying just on clicks to make decisions is a mistake. The behavior and the real interest of users towards the proposed contents are the real metrics to be taken into consideration to optimize the results of the campaigns.

Take advantage of all the benefits of implementing an effective marketing strategy that allows you to measure data and analyze user’s behavior in depth.

Only one interlocutor

Sometimes it can be frustrating to interface with different interlocutors to understand how your online marketing campaigns are performing. In fact, there are those who are experts in Facebook, but they don’t know anything about AdWords or vice versa.

With PerformancePPC you will always and only have a single interlocutor for your PPC strategy.

We optimize the investment of your average budget towards the channels and campaigns that bring greater results in terms of contacts and sales.

You just have to relax and only take care of calling the new contacts obtained or dealing with the shipping request that will arrive every day.

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