You already have an

internal digital marketing team in your company and want to improve its performance? PerformancePPC offers you dedicated coaching and training for your employees and/or contractors with the goal of optimizing your business online advertising strategies and campaigns in order to reduce budget waste and achieve maximum results.

Coaching is designed for you if:

Your company already possesses an in-house digital marketing team and you would like to upskill.

You are entrusting your marketing campaigns to an external agency and are looking for an opinion from a third-party professional who can verify their correct implementation.

You are looking for a professional who has your company's best interests at heart and who will act as an intermediary between you and the agency you work with.

With the Coaching service you will get:


Receive valuable coaching from a team of Media Buyers capable of defining and optimizing your online advertising strategies and campaigns


Making flexible use of the solid experience of media-buying professionals


Receive oversight and brokerage from our professionals on your outsourced marketing campaigns

Thanks to the support of our Media Buyers,

you will be able to improve the performance of your marketing campaigns, making the most of the knowledge we have gained by achieving concrete and tangible results.

Fill out the questionnaire to help us understand the current situation of your business.

This way we will be able to figure out how to best help your business achieve its desired goals by getting the most out of your online advertising budget.